I love guest posts on the Vitality Guide for Women; especially when they’re super informative. So this week, while I’m off gallivanting around Chicago, in celebration of my twenty seventh birthday, I’m happy to present to you some amazing guest features.


Yoga is generally thought of as a gentle, calming practice. However, many people may not realize that it can actually be a powerful tool for kicking their sex drive into high gear. Despite the sleepy and relaxing appearance of yoga practitioners, a few good sessions can help awaken sexual desire again.

This is particularly important for older people. As the body ages hormone levels drop. This can sometimes lead to decreased libido. However, just because the physical desire is not as strong as it once was does not mean that the desire for physical intimacy is gone completely. Many older people still want to be able to respond physically when the time is right.

These individuals may find a lot to like about yoga. The centuries-old practice has been used by millions of people to achieve a calm state of mind and tone the muscles. But why is it so good at boosting sexual desire?

A Calm Mind Equals A Responsive Body

The surest way to kill sexual desire is to start thinking about problems at work or all of your family responsibilities. When the mind is removed from an intimate situation it tends take all sexual desire with it.

Yoga trains the mind to avoid this kind of wandering. During sessions, practitioners are trained to focus their mind on the feeling of each position in their body. This keeps the mind wholly in the present. Over time, this becomes the default state of mind.

When your mind stops wandering you are more likely to respond to an intimate situation with your partner. The act seems much more pleasurable when you can keep your attention focused and avoid letting unhappy or distracting thoughts interfere.

Keep your heart healthy

Yoga has been shown to lower blood pressure and improve overall vascular health. This is important when it comes to sexual performance, particularly for men. Erectile dysfunction has been closely associated with heart disease and is even considered an early warning sign of the cardiovascular condition.

When a man has impaired vascular health, the arteries of his sexual organs are going to be the first to be affected because they are much narrower than other arteries. In fact, many cases of erectile dysfunction stem from poor heart.

Yoga helps men eliminate these problems. A session in the studio can be an excellent cardiovascular workout. Eventually men will find that they have excellent heart health measures, which will pay dividends in the bedroom by contributing to enhanced sexual function.

In general, exercise is important for maintaining a positive mood and enthusiasm for life. This type of attitude also plays an important role in stoking the fires of sexual desire. This makes just about any type of exercise good for supporting function.

However, because yoga combines the mental element to the exercise, it may be one of the most effective types of workouts for supporting sexual desire. Individuals who would like to spend more intimate time with their partner may benefit from joining a yoga studio and going to classes on a regular basis.