Quitting Sugar With A Plan

I wouldn’t say that I have a sweet tooth; but I definitely feel a void without sugar. For good reason, people report that sugar comforts them and makes them feel good. And with the upcoming holiday season, my sugar intake is likely going to go into high gear with cookies, cakes, tarts and the like; but before the time comes for seasonal indulgence, I’ve decided to embark on a sugar detox.

Sugar, although sweet and delicious, affects our bodies negatively in the following ways:

Sugar can decrease growth hormone (the key to staying youthful and lean

Sugar increases cholesterol

Sugar can interfere with the absorption of protein Sugar causes food allergies

Sugar contributes to diabetes

Sugar contributes to the reduction in defense against bacterial infection (infectious diseases)

Sugar greatly assists the uncontrolled growth of Candida Albicans (yeast infections)

Sugar contributes to osteoporosis

Sugar feeds cancer

Our bodies change ingested sugar into two to five times more fat in the bloodstream than it does starch. With a million and one reasons why sugar is bad for us, we wonder, is there even a need for it? Well, the interesting thing about sugar is that it tastes good and makes us temporarily feel good, which explains why big brands put it in EVERYTHING. But all sugars are not created equal; complex sugars found in whole grains, fruits and vegetables are good for us; they, also, contribute to a feeling of well being and give us long lasting energy- it’s the white, refined stuff that needs the boot.

So how am I going to kick my sugar habit?

Monitor My Blood Sugar. Eating a protein rich breakfast is the most important step; in addition to eating protein with every meal. Protein stabilizes blood sugar and leaves us feeling satiated, so that our moods and energy levels are at an even keel. Eating low G

I snacks at regular intervals will also serve to help us kick the habit; most of the time a sugar craving is simply hunger manifesting itself. Eating enough to feel satisfied, and regularly enough so that you feel stable, means we won’t crave so junk.

Keep Things In Perspective. While weight loss is usually a natural consequence of giving up sugar, it should not be focus. Weight loss is often a side effect of loving our bodies and freeing ourselves from food addiction; but health should be the focus.

Be ready. I have a list of things to do when a sugar craving hits. Relying on will power can be dicey, especially during the early days; so having something to get our mind off the craving is completely necessary. I love walking, so I will likely be walking whole lot over the next 5 days; what will you do?

Become A Detective. Sugar is hidden in almost everything; so when shopping plan on reading every single label. Becoming a label detective is a make or break of a sugar detox; because unknowingly consuming sugar will make the habit that much harder to kick. Look for hidden sucrose, fructose, honey and molasses; and be wary of canned soups and sauces, as they are well known for having high sugar and sodium contents.

Stay The Course. I don’t reccomend planning on failing, per se; but it may happen, that’s life. The thing to keep in mind is that this is a journey and we are doing this for our health, so having a slip up shouldn’t be considered the end of the world. Focusing on ourselves and the damaging effects of sugar on the body is the biggest tool to stay motivated.

Have you given up sugar? Did you find it hard?