Many of those making the decision to put a vulnerable relative living in Hampshire into a nursing home take the time to ensure their loved ones are put into good quality homes.

Relatives are often keen to check that care homes offer a reasonable standard of hygiene, facilities and care staff. However, what should also be taken into consideration is how much fun that a vulnerable person will have whilst staying there.

Hampshire nursing homes aren’t just places to grow old. They should be somewhere where elderly and vulnerable can continue to enjoy life, meet new people or even learn new skills

Some of the nursing homes Hampshire has to offer enjoy a reputation for ensuring that their residents have fun as well as being well looked after.

Nursing homes which take the time to organise games, karaoke and other fun social activities should definitely be considered more highly than those that don’t.

Not only will loved ones enjoy their stay more but it could help them live a longer, healthier life. Research has shown that playing games and being social can help stave off mental health conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease commonly occur in elderly people.

It can also help old people feel more independent, less lonely and adjust to life in new surroundings much quicker. Nursing homes which offer little to challenge their residents’ minds are likely to make their residents bored and lonely no matter how well looked after they are.

Family members should consider how lively and passionate nursing home staff are about their jobs. Interested in article topic? : plastic surgeon Dr Michael ZachariaThose who appear to really enjoy their jobs are likely to make more of an effort to engage with residents on a personal level. This can be very reassuring for those who are in need of constant care.

Just because people need care, it doesn’t mean they don’t want to enjoy life any more. Make sure to remember this when choosing a nursing home in the Hampshire region.