According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), over 3,000 women checked in for a tummy tuck procedure last year as did more than 100 men. It’s no secret that the world is getting larger, but is it really that hard to eat healthily and burn fat?

It seems banishing biscuits and forbidding fried food can be quite a challenge, so here are five ways to avoid fattening foods.

Eat before shopping

Food shopping on an empty stomach is one of the worse things you can do, so make sure you’re full before hitting the shops. If you’re hungry, you’re more likely to fill your cart with unhealthy items and sneak a calorie-laden snack along the way. Crisps, chocolate and unhealthy dips can call your name if your stomach’s rumbling, so always eat a hearty lunch before an afternoon grocery run. Avoid the aisles packed with fattening foods and linger around the vegetable stands instead. Treat yourself to a fruit you’ve never tried before and avoid walking past the bakery if possible.

Don’t kid yourself

Don’t buy cookies for the kids, if you know, full well that you’re going to eat them. Children don’t need unhealthy snacks for their lunch boxes, so leave fattening goods on the shelf. Many people have little will power when it comes to food and can feel tempted by the silliest of things. Cakes, candies, cookies and the like (which you’d never usually eat) can become a big temptation if they’re in your house, so avoid buying them all together. Don’t kid yourself that you’ll only have one muffin when you know you’ll have five – or you’ll soon be queuing forliposuction on your thighs!

Brush your teeth

If you feel like snacking after dinner, go to the bathroom and brush your teeth. Minty, fresh breath should put you off food and will (hopefully) take your mind off eating. Many of us want something sweet after a main course, but it’s best to stick to yoghurts and fruit, as these are low in calories. Avoid chocolate, cakes and butter-filled pastries and save your treats for a night out. It’s ok to eat desserts now and again, so long as it’s not every day.


Exercise releases hormones which suppresses appetite! Therefore, working out on a regular basis could keep your hunger and weight under control. Eating small amounts, more often will keep your energy levels up and hitting the treadmill could keep you in shape. If you hate the gym, try walking to and from work or take the stairs instead of the bus. Every little bit of exercise ads up and will help you to stay fit and healthy for longer.

Battling the bulge is a hard job, but it can be done with a little strength, determination and small habit changes.