Ask anyone and they’ll say they want to be sexy, or hot; but did you know that you can eat your way to a sexier self. Yes it’s true there are foods that tantalize not only your taste buds but other body parts too-and these foods have science and research to back them up!

To get more nookie into your life try some of these super foods:

Not only does chocolate make us happy; but it also contains a compound called phenylethylmine, which is linked to the release of endorphins- and endorphins are responsible for that post exercise glow or the other glow from activities that are widely considered more fun

Another reason chocolate is on the list, is not because it’s linked to sexual arousal or satisfaction; but because it allowed people to believe their sexual desire increased- meaning chocolates sexy powers are likely all in your head, where serotonin and endorphins are rooted. When looking to jump start the love bug with chocolate be sure to choose brands with 70% or more cocoa and aim for organic if possible.

Coffee, associated with one of the least sexy time of the day, the morning, has been found to perk up the female sex drive; stimulating, in women, the part of the brain that regulates arousal. But just remember that coffee will keep us up, and although some activities require a late-night, if you’re planning to get to sleep at a reasonable hour pay attention to the afternoon cut off time; no caffeine after 2 PM it’s always a good idea.

Saffron is a premium spice that comes from the crocus flower and has a delicate flavor; it is popular in most Spanish and Mediterranean dishes. And saffron surely lives up to its reputation for improving sexual performance; and at about $11 a gram it should. In order to effectively capture its flavor, soak the threads in hot, but not boiling, broth for 15 minutes, and add the liquor to the recipe.

This delicately sweet and quintessentially summer fruit is not just for the office picnic, it has an unusually high level of an amino acid called citrulline; and this amino acid is used by our body to pump out other amino acids that regulate our heart health. For the fellas this means healthier erections; for us women this means an increase in libido-it’s a win-win situation!

What’s not to love about steak; loaded with zinc and iron and a hearty amount of protein and B vitamins; and quite honestly there’s nothing quite like a sizzling steak on a barbecue to get most in the mood; making steak the perfect foreplay food. Be sure to stick to leaner cuts of meat; and familiarize yourself with the proper cooking technique for each type of cut.

You see, the keys to sexual vitality aren’t found in pills and pharmaceutical solutions, they can be found within the aisles of our neighborhood grocery store; by incorporating all these nutritious foods into our diets we give our bodies what they need to “perform” now and forever.