Do I Need To Lose Weight?

I need to lose weight!! You may scream yourself when your reflection shows how fat are you now. Maybe your friend cannot see your belly but your pants can. However, stop thinking about weight loss program if you are not in a severe condition. This is because there is a type of person who still thinking they are fat but actually they’re in ideal weight even skinny. Because it’s very dangerous if you are not really fat, either obese or overweight and take a weight loss program. You have a minimum energy intake, called basal energy that your organs and tissues need to work. Could you imagine, what will happen to your body if your body doesn’t get enough energy even just for your breathing activity?

Why I need to lose weight?

This may sound an odd question. People actually don’t need to lose weight if they are in a healthy BMI. Body mass index (BMI) guide you to know your ideal weight based on your height. The BMI formula is weight (kg)/ (height (meter))2 . Healthy BMI in a range of 18.5 – 24.9, but the healthy BMI for adult is 20-25. People need to lose weight because there are lots of diseases linked to obesity. Obese is a person who has BMI more than 30. Hypertension, diabetes, cancer, heart disease is some disease that obesity is the most its health risks.

Who Need Weight Lose Program?

Even your BMI is not 30 or above, there are some signs indicate you need to weight loss immediately

You are not comfortable while exercise

If you feel uncomfortable even just a simple exercise, don’t stop. This situation indicates you to lose weight more with PhenQ. Continue your exercise regularly and talk to the fitness or weight management expert about your exercise program.

Sleeping disorders

Snoring all the night you may suffer of sleep apnea, an irregular breathing at night that interrupts your sleep. Stored fat around your neck is the culprit. Hence weight loses now!

You always tired

If you always feel tired all the time evens just a simple activity like grocery shopping, you need to lose your extra weight right now.

Watch your waist circumstance

Another simple sign of some degenerative diseases if your waist circumstance. If your waist more than 90 cm (man) and more than 80 cm (woman), means that your hip or your belly fat is excessive. Higher waist circumstance linked to unhealthy blood fat and increased risk of diabetes.

That’s just some sign to ask your question ‘Do I Need To Loose Weight?’