Different marriage proposal ideas

A marriage proposal occurs only once in a lifetime so you should make this moment special and memorable. Proposing your girl for spending their life together is a very tough thing because it is filled up with lots of feeling, hopes, and dreams. If the partner says no to you, then it breaks down the heart of your partner. There are different kinds of Wedding proposal you can take from different people and sites also to make your proposal also better. You should propose your girlfriend for marriage in a romantic way and if you want to know those ideas then stick with the post. You will find some ideas which are made to propose your girlfriend by reading the below given points.


Several ideas are there to propose a girl, and some of them are here, and those are:-

Public proposal

Girls love those boys who take them in society without having any fear that they will get caught. They love them because those boys don’t feel hesitate in showing their feelings. If you are one of them who are planning to propose your girlfriend, then you should also propose your girl in public. She will definitely love your public Wedding proposal and never say no to you.

Sky writing proposal

It is an expensive idea to propose a girl, but it is really very much effectual also. You can hire a jet for proposing, and that jet will write in the sky about your feelings for her. In this case, you need perfect timing to complete it because you will take her late then you will miss it that is why you have to be very much punctual in this idea.

With family proposal               

It is an ideal idea to propose a girl with her family. Every couple has the fear that what their families say about their relation and they will get agree or not for them or not. Before proposing a girl, you should talk to your family and your partner’s family also and convince them for your relation. When they get angry, then you should propose her with her and your family. Your girl will definitely say yes to you because family is the main issue to concern.

If you want to know about other ideas also then you can take help from different sites for making your Wedding proposal best.